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Photo of Dila post-operation

Dila’s mother says, “This treatment has provided a new life to us. You have provided better care to my daughter. It was impossible without your help.”

Dila is a 5-year-old girl from Nepal who was burned in a fire 14 days ago. 25% of her lower body is covered in severe burns. If left untreated, Dila’s wounds will get infected, or worse, the skin will turn into a post-burn scar contracture and limit her mobility for the rest of her life. Fortunately, doctors at Nyaya Health can make sure Dila gets the burn treatment and skin graft surgery she needs to fully recover.

Dila lives with her father, mother, two brothers, and one sister. Her family earns their living by farming a small piece of land. The land is hardly enough to sustain them, let alone pay for the expensive medical care Dila needs. Dila attends the local government nursery school and loves playing with her friends. Her parents want her to to complete her education. They are optimistic about their daughter’s treatment and believe she can get healthy again soon. Let’s help make it happen!

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