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Nahashon's treatment was fully funded on March 14, 2013.

Photo of Nahashon post-operation

Nahashon received surgery to relieve pain and restore function to his hand after he cut it deeply while working on his farm.

Nahashon’s caretakers write:

“Two days after Nahashon’s operation, he is walking about the hospital looking very happy. In Kiswahili he says, ‘Please tell all those who helped me that I am very grateful. I am touched by the fact that people who have never met me would carry my burden in their hearts.’”

Nahashon lives in rural Kenya where he works as a farm laborer. He is the father of two boys. Sadly, Nahashon’s wife recently suffered a stroke and passed away, leaving him to provide for his sons.

Last year, while operating some farm machinery on the farm where he was employed, Nahashon suffered a deep cut to his right hand. The cut was so severe it sliced through the tendons in his hand. Nahashon’s hand was bandaged by a local clinic but he was unable to afford further medical assistance at the time.

Nahashon suffers severe pain and loss of function in his right hand and has been unable to work since the accident. His doctors have advised that without surgery to repair the severed tendons, he will suffer complete loss of function in his hand.

For $1,500 the Africa Mission Healthcare Foundation can perform surgery on Nahashon’s hand and restore 90% of the hand’s function, allowing him to return to work and to continue supporting his family.

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  • March 13, 2013

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  • March 14, 2013

    Nahashon's treatment was fully funded.

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