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Photo of Savy post-operation

Savy received an operation and physiotherapy on her hip to decrease pain and increase mobility.

“Savy is doing physiotherapy at home, and called in to report she has greatly decreased pain since before the operation,” say her doctors at Children’s Surgical Centre, a Watsi medical partner.

Four years ago, Savy fell off her bicycle and broke her hip. She was immediately brought to the hospital and had two hip operations. But even after treatment, Savy still feels severe pain and cannot walk without crutches.

Savy loves growing her own vegetables and eating fish. Since her accident, Savy has been able to work a little, but she does not have a stable job or income.

For $500, we can fund Savy’s hip replacement treatment and physiotherapy. Let’s help Savy walk without crutches and find a stable job!

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Savy was submitted by Anne McMurrey at Children's Surgical Centre in Cambodia. Learn more

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