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Photo of Abdar post-operation

Abdar received successful surgery to treat clubfoot and allow him to walk normally.

Abdar and his father traveled for two days to seek medical treatment. His doctors say this surgery “will open a whole new world of opportunities for him.”

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Abdar is a 6-year-old boy who was born with clubfoot, a common condition in which the foot is turned inward. Because of the condition, it’s difficult for Abdar to walk, run, or play. Without treatment, Abdar will be unable to live a normal, active life.

Fortunately, Abdar can have corrective surgery on his feet. His doctors say, “the surgery will allow Abdar to someday walk and play properly and will open a whole new world of opportunities for him.”

Abdar comes from a small village in Ethiopia. He and his father traveled for two days by bus to get to the CURE hospital. Abdar’s father cannot afford to pay for his son’s surgery, but he is hopeful that we can raise enough money for Abdar to get the treatment he needs.

Hospital Info

Abdar was submitted by CURE International in Ethiopia. Learn more »

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