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Kyu is a 43-year-old teacher from Burma. She lives with her mother, husband, and two sons in Yangon Division, Burma. Kyu’s mother is retired, and her two sons are students. Kyu’s husband works as a motorcycle taxi driver. Kyu is a high school teacher who conducts classes from her home. Their combined monthly income is sufficient to cover their basic living expenses but they are not able to save money. When they have health issues, they rely on a nearby clinic for medical attention. In her free time, she enjoys reading books and she'd like to be able to continue teaching her students at home once she feels better. Kyu was born with an atrial septal defect (ASD), a condition in which a hole exists between the two upper chambers of the heart. Sometimes ASDs may close on their own during development, but sometimes this condition requires surgery to repair the hole and prevent long-term damage to the heart and lungs. Kyu is scheduled to undergo heart surgery on February 4th to correct the atrial septal defect and improve her quality of life. Our medical partner, Burma Children Medical Fund, is requesting $1,500 to support the cost of Kyu's procedure and care. Kyu said “Since my heart condition worsened, I couldn’t teach my students due to my fatigue. Now I felt very happy when I learned that the BCMF organisation would support my surgery. Without the help of these donors, I couldn’t afford the treatment. I would like to be thankful to all donors and BCMF for supporting my surgery.”

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Meet Reacheany Kuch, who lives with her parents in Phnom Penh province. In their daily lives, her parents operate as food vendors in a local market. When not in kindergarten, Reacheany delights in accompanying her parents to the market, observing the hustle and bustle of the vibrant surroundings. She has a fondness for the duck eggs her parents bring home from their market, and she has decided she would like to become a teacher when she is older. Reacheany Kuch has faced a challenge from a young age – torticollis, which causes her neck to tilt to one side. Her head tilts to one side, and her chin tilts to the other side - she feels pain when she tries to correct it. This makes it difficult for her to move her head or neck. Fortunately, our medical partner, Children's Surgical Centre (CSC), offers surgery to correct congenital torticollis. Her parents traveled to CSC, where, after a thorough examination, the doctor recommended a procedure called sternocleidomastoid (SCM) release to correct Reacheany Kuch's torticollis. Now, her parents need help to cover the costs of the $572 procedure, which will include surgery, hospitalization, medications, and rehabilitation. Your assistance will play a crucial role in ensuring that Reacheany Kuch receives the care she needs to overcome the challenges posed by her condition and continue pursuing her dreams of becoming a teacher. Her mother said: "We are hopeful the operation will correct Reacheany Kuch's neck, and she will look like other children. She is timid, so this will help her when she attends a new school next year."

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