Pratik Patel

MONTHLY DONORBig fan of watsi and it's mission!

United States   •   Born on June 11

Pratik's Story

Pratik joined Watsi on May 17th, 2016. Three years ago, Pratik joined our Universal Fund, supporting life-changing treatments for a new Watsi patient every month. Pratik's most recent donation traveled 8,800 miles to support Lai Sorn, a Khmer dessert seller from Cambodia, to fund cataract surgery.


Pratik has funded healthcare for 49 patients in 10 countries.

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Ayebazibwe is a farmer from Uganda. She came to the hospital with a swelling on her right cheek, which she has had for over three years. She shared that the swelling brings her headaches and causes her paralysis around the localized area on her face. She feels it more on voluntary actives like chewing and when she widens the mouth as she is coughing. This has hindered her quality of health and lifestyle which if not treated, may continue impacting her quality of health. Ayebazibwe had never been to a hospital for medical treatment for her condition citing her limited finances. Further, the swelling was less painful at the beginning but has gradually worsened prompting her to seek medical care. She came to Watsi's Medical Partner Care Center Nyakibale Hospital and was diagnosed with subcutaneous lipoma that requires removal. However, she is afraid that due to the cost required, she might not receive the treatment. Ayebazibwe is a 47-year-old widow and mother to three children. Her son is a hawker trying to sell small items, and her two daughters are married, practicing small-scale farming. She studied and completed primary seven in school but never proceeded due to lack money for school fees. She stayed at home cultivating crops until she got married when she was 16 years old. She had only spent ten years with her husband by the time of his passing. Her major source of income is from farming where she has a banana and coffee plantation from which she generates a living to sustain her family and help pay school fees for her two grandchildren. However, she is unable to afford the cost of her surgery and appeals for help. Ayebazibwe traveled to our medical partner's care center to receive treatment. On October 6th, surgeons will remove her mass. Now, Ayebazibwe needs help to raise $196 to fund this procedure. Ayebazibwe shared hopefully, “I expect to have a better life and recover from all the pain after a full recovery."

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