John Burke
John's Story

John joined Watsi on June 27th, 2014. 21 other people also joined Watsi on that day! John's most recent donation traveled 6,400 miles to support Reaksa, an 11-year-old student from Cambodia, to fund mass removal surgery.


John has funded healthcare for 10 patients in 4 countries.

Patients funded by John

Thi Aye is a skillful 18-year-old young woman from Burma who has been living with a hemangioma in her left cheek her entire life. Hemangioma is a benign tumor, though it can become enlarged over time and causes pain, discomfort, and emotional side effects. As the years went by, the hemangioma began to interfere with her eating, as she would bite the growth on her left cheek when chewing her food. When she was 14, Thi Aye dropped out of school and started delivering vegetables at the market to help support her family. At work and in the evening she felt a painful tightness in her mouth, and she would have severe headaches about once a week. She carried the vegetables in a large basket on her head, but after a few months of working the basket's weight began to put pressure on the hemangioma, causing her severe discomfort. Her condition made it impossible to continue selling vegetables, though Thi Aye was determined to continue to work. Five months ago she began working at home sewing clothing until her family’s home burned down in December 2013. She now lives under the shelter of a tree with eight other family members while her father builds a new home in a new village. Thi Aye has undergone surgery twice for her condition around the age of 16, though both surgeries failed to completely remove the hemangioma. Thi Aye is now seeking permanent surgical removal of her tumor, which will free her of pain and give her a fresh start. Thi Aye is very eager to work again and looks forward to undergoing treatment so she can regain her confidence and find a new job that she enjoys. For $1500 we can help Thi Aye to live pain-free so she can focus on finding her passion!

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