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anurag joined Watsi on March 12th, 2013. 1,771 other people also joined Watsi on that day! anurag's most recent donation supported Rith, a toddler from Cambodia, to fund surgery on his lip.


anurag has funded healthcare for 9 patients in 6 countries.

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Peter is a young boy from Kenya. Peter was diagnosed with left undescended testis in mid-2018. This is a condition where the testis cannot be felt in the scrotal sac as expected in a baby boy soon after birth. For a year now, Peter has been under her grandmother’s care. He recently began complaining of abdominal pains. Painkillers could barely ease the pain. From the nearest local clinic, ultrasound scanning revealed that Peter has a left undescended testis. The funds needed were, however, way beyond what Peter’s grandmother could raise. She resigned to fate until recently when a friend told them about the SAFE program at Kijabe hospital. Upon review in our facility, surgery was advised. If not treated, Peter is at risk of developing testicular cancer and/or inguinal hernia and potentially a testicular torsion. Peter is the third born of four children. He lives with his widowed maternal grandmother and siblings in a two-room house in Central Kenya. His parents abandoned him and his siblings and do not offer any assistance whatsoever. Peter’s grandmother has three grown children and does subsistence farming to provide just enough for her grandchildren and herself. Peter is in class one and aspires to be a pilot in future. His favorite subject is mathematics. His grandmother is appealing for help to see him get treated. Peter will be receiving assistance from our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation (AMHF). Fortunately, he is scheduled to undergo corrective surgery on September 27th. AMHF is requesting $535 to cover the total cost of his procedure and care. “I want to be a pilot when I grow up,” says Peter

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“I would do anything I could to see my baby healthy again,” says the mother of Youdelande, a nine-month-old girl who lives with her parents and siblings in Haiti. Youdelande’s mother brought her to our medical partner, Project Medishare (PM), seeking treatment for hydrocephalus, a condition in which there is an accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in the brain. CSF is a clear fluid that is produced in the chambers, or ventricles, of the brain. In an infant, too much CSF can increase pressure on the brain and inside the skull, leading to an enlarged head and developmental issues. “Three months [after her birth], Youdelande became sick when suddenly her head started getting abnormally large,” explains PM. “A CT scan has been performed, and the results reveal that Youdelande has excess fluid in the brain, and she needs surgical Intervention to save her life.” Doctors recommend surgical placement of a shunt in Youdelande’s brain to drain the excess CSF. The shunt is connected to a tube that runs under the skin and empties into an abdominal cavity, where the excess CSF is resorbed by the body. Youdelande’s father, who grows food to feed the family, and her mother, who works as a wash lady, have not been able to raise money to pay for the surgery that Youdelande needs. With $1,260 in funding, Youdelande can undergo surgery to place the shunt, receive five days of hospital care, and 40 days of physiotherapy. “After the treatment,” shares PM, “Youdelande will grow up in good shape.” Let’s help fund surgery for Youdelande!

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