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Joseph joined Watsi on October 2nd, 2015. 12 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Joseph's most recent donation supported Dotto, a farmer from Tanzania, to fund orthopedic surgery.


Joseph has funded healthcare for 13 patients in 9 countries.

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Etan is a 21-month-old boy who enjoys playing with toys and taking walks with his mother near their home in Ethiopia. Etan was born with a birth defect of the urethra called hypospadias. This means that the urinary tract opening is not at the usual location at the head of the penis. In Etan's case, the urethral opening is both at the head of the penis and under the penis. As a result, he cannot pass urine while standing as other boys do because the urine leaks at the second opening. It has been hard for Etan's mother to pay for the surgery that her son needs, as she is a single mother with a low income from her work as a hotel waitress. She sought treatment for him at two other hospitals, but because of lack of money, he has not yet been treated. She is also worried about the social stigma and potential medical complications that Etan may face. “I am always thinking about my son's future when he goes to school," she shares. "I am sure he will face medical complications and discrimination and that worries me a lot.” For $1,155, Etan will undergo hypospadias repair, a procedure in which a surgeon takes tissue grafts from the foreskin to cover the opening on the underside of the penis. Funding also covers the costs of 14 days of hospital care after surgery, lab work, imaging, and medicine. We expect a hypospadias repair will enable Etan pass urine normally. He will be free from the risk of urinary tract infections and infertility in the future, and he will have a chance to grow up normally and healthy.

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Meet Dulce, a 16-month girl living in Guatemala with five other siblings, including a twin sister. As a happy child, Dulce enjoys playing with all her siblings, especially her twin. Our medical partner, Wuqu' Kawoq (WK), says that the family is struggling to provide for the twins, and 10 months ago, the switch from breast milk to solid food made their financial situation even more difficult. Because of this, "Dulce is frequently ill with diarrhea. Now she is at risk for the long-term effects of malnutrition," WK explains. Without medical intervention, she will begin to develop abnormally and her immune system will weaken. Ultimately, Dulce's brain will not be able to develop to its full potential, leading to decreased academic performance, and diminished productivity in the work force. With $512 in funding, Dulce can receive acute malnutrition treatment including medication for her gastrointestinal infection, oral and intravenous food supplements, and vitamins to boost her immune system. "Her mother will be given the educational tools to prevent malnutrition in any future children she may have, and better care for Dulce and her siblings for years to come," WK says. With these various treatments, WK believes Dulce can fully recover and return to normal growth. Her mother shares that Dulce and her twin sister "are so beautiful and I love them both, but worry we cannot provide for them what they need. Help and support would change everything for us."

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