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Aydın joined Watsi on November 5th, 2015. 26 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Aydın's most recent donation traveled 2,100 miles to support Bereket, a baby boy from Ethiopia, to fund corrective surgery.


Aydın has funded healthcare for 15 patients in 7 countries.

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Rhean is a two-year-old girl living in a small house made of natural materials. Her family cannot afford electricity and must fetch their water from the spring. Her father, a farm laborer, cannot support the family on his salary. Rhean has been diagnosed with severe acute malnutrition. Malnutrition threatens her growth and development and could even be fatal if not addressed. Fortunately, she will begin $268 malnutrition treatment on February 20. Rhean will be treated by International Care Ministries (ICM), a Watsi medical partner. One out of five children under five in ICM communities is either severely or moderately malnourished. Worldwide, poor nutrition is associated with nearly half of all deaths in young children. In remote communities and urban slums of the Philippines, the lack of clean water and unclean environments add risk to potentially fatal childhood diseases. ICM’s home-based feeding program provides nutrient-enriched food packs to ensure malnourished children get additional food to regain normal weight and achieve optimum physical and mental development. After identifying a child as malnourished, staff and community volunteers make weekly visits to monitor this child’s progress. To help sustain the health of the child, ICM’s professional staff educate the mother, guardian, or other family members about proper nutrition, sanitation, hygiene, and organic vegetable gardening. Her mother hopes that she will recover from being malnourished.

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Bret is an energetic and active seven-year-old boy from the Philippines who loves to play around. "He cannot stay in his seat even for a minute," his mother says. Bret loves to play with other children. About three years ago, Bret began to have pain in his scrotum when he would run. During one of the International Care Ministries (ICM) health screening programs, Bret underwent a series of tests and was diagnosed with an inguinal hernia. This is a protrusion of tissue through the abdominal wall near the groin, and requires surgery to repair. At school, Bret's condition affects his ability to concentrate, and he often even has to miss class. Without treatment, he will continue to experience pain and discomfort, and the hernia may even cause further complications. Bret's father is a security guard while his mother is housewife. Their income is barely enough to cover their daily needs as well as Bret's schooling. They need assistance paying for Bret's surgery. $1437 will cover the costs of his operation where surgeons will position the protruded tissue back in its proper place and repair the opening in his abdominal wall. These funds will also pay for any additional supplies and inpatient care Bret needs to fully recover. After his surgery, Bret will be able to return home and play with ease. He will be able to concentrate on his studies so that he can work towards a successful future. "We are very happy to know that someone could help our boy," Bret's mother says, "We didn't expect this great blessing to us. Thank you so much may you be blessed more and more because you helped those in great need."

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Jonalyn is a happy, 13-year-old student who loves to study and play a game similar to kick-the-can. She lives with her parents and two siblings in the Philippines, where their one-room house has a cement floor and a thatched roof made of nipa leaves. Jonalyn noticed a mass on the right side of neck when she was 12 years old. She told her mother about it, but they did not seek help since they did not have money to spend on medical consultations or medicine. After a few months, she complained of pain when swallowing and difficulty breathing and also noticed that the mass on her neck was getting bigger. She has been unable to concentrate during her classes because of the on-and-off throbbing pain in her neck. During a church activity in May of 2015, Jonalyn felt a throbbing pain in her neck and was examined by a doctor. She was diagnosed with a goiter—an enlarged thyroid gland usually caused by a deficiency of iodine, an important element in the production of thyroid hormones that regulate the body's metabolism. The doctor prescribed an antibiotic for seven days and iron supplements for 10 days and referred Jonalyn to another care facility to undergo tests to determine the type of goiter. Unfortunately, the family was unable to seek further care for Jonalyn until now. She was screened by a health trainer in one of our sponsored communities, consultation was facilitated, and she was advised to undergo a thyroidectomy to remove the thyroid gland. Jonalyn's mother is a housewife, and her father raises pigs. They cannot pay for surgery for Jonalyn because their income is barely enough to sustain the family's daily needs. $1,500 covers the cost of Jonalyn's surgery, transportation to and from the hospital, 10 days of hospital care—including medicine, imaging, and blood tests—and medicine to take after she goes home. The surgery will lessen Jonalyn's discomfort due to her condition. "I am very thankful to you for helping people like me in my condition, especially those who are not financially capable in terms of health treatment," shares Jonalyn. "I was truly blessed because I was given an opportunity to be treated. After the surgery, I plan to continue my schooling to reach my dreams and help my family someday."

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