Joel Friedlaender
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Joel joined Watsi on August 3rd, 2016. 40 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Joel's most recent donation supported Maria, a single mother from Guatemala, to fund diabetes treatment.


Joel has funded healthcare for 11 patients in 6 countries.

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Tha Zin is an 18-year-old student from Mogok Township, Kachin State, Burma (near Mandalay Division). She lives with her mother, father, and her three sisters. Tha Zin's father supports the family. His job is to cut and polish gemstones and he earns approximately 300,000 kyat (approximately 300 USD) per month. This income is usually enough to support the family's daily expenses and they have even been able to save money. However, since Tha Zin became ill the family has spent all their savings on her medical care and now her older sister is unable to return to university because the funds saved for her university fees have been spent also. Tha Zin first started to experience painful headaches in February 2015. Her father took her to many hospitals with several admissions but she was not diagnosed properly. In September 2015 she was admitted to Mogok hospital because she was losing her memory and could not walk or talk. The doctor there suggested Tha Zin's father take her to medical partner Mandalay Hospital for a CT scan. Tha Zin and her father travelled to Mandalay where she was diagnosed with multiple brain abscesses. Tha Zin's family was so worried that nothing further could be done. Tha Zin felt sad, lost hope and became depressed. She stayed at home, mainly lying in bed. Her family has given up hope about finding further treatment because they have spent all their money on medical and associated costs and they were already in debt. Tha Zin's father recently accompanied his younger daughter, Tha Zin's sister, to a doctor's appointment at the Mogok clinic. At this time the monk from the Ananda Myitta Clinic (AMC) was visiting to meet with the doctor and heard the story of Tha Zin's medical condition from her father. The monk encouraged Tha Zin's father to travel with her to Mae Sot, Thailand to BCMF. Tha Zin said, "I feel hopeless and thought I will die soon. My family has spent a lot of money on hospital and medical costs. I feel like a burden and trouble for my family. My sisters are also so worried for me all the time. If I have a future I want to study and live with my family for a long time." She added, "I want to be well soon. I would like to go to university and then become a teacher and help my community." With the support from Watsi, Tha Zin underwent a CT scan on October 11. The result showed mass-like growths which needed to be removed very quickly. Tha Zin had this growth removal surgery on October 22.

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Sofhie is a little girl, only twenty months old. She lives with her parents and four siblings in a small house made of bamboo and nipa leaves, similar to palm leaves. They live near the coastal area of the Philippines where her father works as a fisherman. Sofhie loves to play with her siblings. One out of every five children under the age of 5-years in International Care Ministries (ICM) communities is either severely or moderately acutely malnourished. Worldwide, poor nutrition is associated with nearly half of all deaths in young children. In remote communities and urban slums of the Philippines, the lack of clean water and unclean environments add risk to potentially fatal childhood diseases. Sofhie was enrolled into the Home-Based Feeding program on October 19. Now, Sofhie needs help to fund this $184 treatment. ICM’s Home-Based Feeding program provides nutrient enriched food packs to ensure malnourished children get the additional food to regain normal weight, and achieve optimum physical and mental development. After identifying a child being malnourished, staff and community volunteers make weekly visits to monitor this child’s progress. To help sustain the health of the child, ICM's professional staff educate the mother, guardian or other family members about proper nutrition, sanitation, hygiene and organic vegetable gardening. "I hope my daughter recovers from malnutrition to become healthy and strong. I pray also that she can finish her schooling someday and have a stable job and can help our family," says Sofhie's parents.

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