DAN's Story

DAN joined Watsi on May 6th, 2016. 40 other people also joined Watsi on that day! DAN's most recent donation supported Dylan, a newborn baby from Colombia, to fund clubfoot correction surgery.


DAN has funded healthcare for 5 patients in 5 countries.

patients you have funded

Imanirankunda is 28 years old and married. She and her husband are refugees from The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). They are now living in a refugee camp in Uganda where they have been since February of 2016. Before that, they were living in a camp in Burundi. In 2013, Imanirankunda delivered her first child by cesarian section (C-section) in Burundi. Unfortunately, the baby died at the age of two and a half years. A friend she met in Burundi helped pay for her surgery at the time. She is now 37 weeks pregnant and is unable to deliver normally because of her previous scar, a contracted pelvis, and she is physically challenged – she cannot walk. Imanirankunda's legs are too weak as she contracted polio when she was very young. If Imanirankunda does not deliver through a C-section, she may suffer uterine rupture which would endanger both her and her child's life. Uterine rupture's occur when there is a tear in the wall of the uterus, typically at the site of a prior C-section scar. A C-section will cost $270, which covers the surgery and seven days in the hospital to ensure Imanirankunda and the baby's health. While still in DRC, Imanirankunda learned how to read, write, and use a sewing machine. If she had a sewing machine and a wheel chair to sit in, she would be able to start an income-generating sewing project. After surgery and delivery, she hopes to take care of her baby with the help of her husband, friends, and other good-willed people. “I hope to deliver a healthy baby," Imanirankunda shares. "I am glad my hands are strong, so I will be able to hold my baby.”

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Fedrick is a polite sixteen-year-old boy from Tanzania. He is the sixth born in a family of eleven children, but ever since he was a little boy he has been living with his grandparents. Fedrick’s grandparents are elderly, and can no longer manage the cattle herd that is their livelihood. So, for some time now, Fedrick has missed out on school so that he can help them. Apart from herding cattle, Fedrick also enjoys playing soccer with other children. Fedrick has become very good at herding cattle, but recently he has developed a physical problem that makes it hard for him to do this work. His right limb has begun to bow inwards, and is now bent to a point where it is difficult for him to walk without knocking his knees. This condition has reduced Federick’s efficiency in cattle herding, and he sometimes feel pain in his right knee. Fedrick needs corrective surgery to restore his normal gait and ability to better perform various activities. However, coming up with enough money for Fedrick’s treatment has been a challenge for his family. His parents, who are small-scale farmers, can already barely meet the basic daily needs of their eleven children and of Fedrick’s grandparents, whom they also support. That’s where we come in. $940 will cover the cost of the surgery that Fedrick needs to restore the bones of his right leg back to a normal position. This funding will also pay for Fedrick to receive two weeks of physical therapy and a three-month stay at Plaster House, a recovery center for children who have undergone major surgery. After these treatments, Fedrick will be able to walk again comfortably. Someday, Fedrick says, he would like to be an organic farmer. We can help him pursue this dream by ensuring that he can walk without pain.

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