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Jaxson joined Watsi on September 20th, 2016. 30 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Jaxson's most recent donation supported John, a student from Philippines, for hernia repair surgery.


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Meet John, a seven-year-old boy from the Philippines. John is an active child who loves to roam around and play with other children. He also enjoys drawing and playing with toy trucks. When John was eight months old, his parents noticed something wrong with his scrotum. When they brought him to a pediatrician, their son was diagnosed with a hernia, or a protrusion of the intestinal tissue through the abdominal wall. The doctor advised to seek surgical care for their son. They did not have the financial ability to seek care at that time, and were also worried that something unexpected would happen during the operation. However, they were aided financially by a missionary and John underwent a successful operation. Everything was well until John was two years old. His hernia reappeared on the left side, leaving his mother fearful and scared to let her son out of her sight. When his parents brought him to the doctor, they were told that John should be prohibited from too much playing, running, and crying. These restrictions were a large burden, as John's parents know that a child his age wants the freedom to play and explore. John's mother often stops him from playing and running outside, which causes him frustration. She sometimes cries when she sees him sadly looking through the window at the other children playing. John's parents were delighted when they were referred to Watsi's medical partner, International Care Ministries. After a series of tests, the doctor recommended hernia repair surgery-- a $962 procedure during which John's herniated tissue will be returned to the abdominal cavity. Once he has healed from his surgery, John will be free from the pain he now experiences and able to return to his regular activities. The only income provider in the family is John's father, who works as a helper in a storehouse. He earns $110 per month, which is barely enough for the family's basic needs, let alone the cost of his son's operation. As a result, the family requires assistance to afford this important procedure. John loves his family very much and he always hugs and makes sweet comments to his parents when he sees them tired or sad. His mother wants to see John free from his condition and enjoying his childhood years. She hopes that he can explore and make friends. "Thank you so much in advance for this," says John's mother. "It means so much to us. I hope and pray this will be the last surgery that John will undergo and that he will be free from his illness."

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