Pooja Sripad Gada
Pooja's Story

Pooja joined Watsi on June 11th, 2015. 30 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Pooja's most recent donation traveled 8,300 miles to support Nar, a girl from Burma, to fund a mass removal procedure.


Pooja has funded healthcare for 9 patients in 7 countries.

patients you have funded

Mactelena is a 61-year-old farmer and a mother blessed with seven daughters. She grows maize and sweet potatoes in her garden. Because she lives in a hilly area of Kenya, she experiences a lot of challenges whenever she is walking and working on her farm. Mactelena has been diagnosed with hyperthyroid—a condition in which the thyroid gland secretes too much thyroid hormone—and is currently experiencing weight loss, a rapid heartbeat, unusual sweating, and a swelling at the base of her neck. Two years ago, when her symptoms began, Mactelena was seen by a doctor, who recommended a thyroidectomy to remove her overactive thyroid gland. Unfortunately, Mactelena could not afford the treatment cost and returned home. On the advice of her daughter, Mactelena came to AIC Kapsowar Hospital, an affiliate of Watsi's medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation. Mactelena will undergo a thyroidectomy on April 24. This operation will improve her general health and alleviate the hyperthyroid symptoms. Mactelena and her family need help to raise $641 to pay for the operation that she needs. Her children are not formally employed and are unable to cover the costs. Her husband has a spinal cord injury, which makes him unable to walk and requires him to take expensive medications. So far, the family has raised $62 for Mactelena's care and appeals for assistance. Funding for Mactelana also covers the costs of five nights in the hospital, lab tests, and medicines. "My children are worried about my health and that of my husband," shares Mactelena. "If I get healed, they will be happy, and my husband will never get hungry."

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“John is a beautiful little boy living with his father,” shares our medical partner in Haiti, Project Medishare (PM). Just eight years old, John is in severe respiratory distress. “Twelve months ago John fell on a rock while biking in his neighborhood, and his parents did not take him to the hospital because they did not have money and it was not severe,” PM explains. “A few days later John started having difficulties breathing and his belly, face and foot started swelling.” When his father saw this, he took John to the hospital where he was given oxygen. However, pus in his right lung is still preventing him from breathing normally. In order for John to recover, he must receive surgery to remove the pus. “John's father is working very hard to raise money for him,” PM tells us. “He has to walk under the hot sun of Haiti every day, selling used stuff.” John’s father shares, “I fix stuff I find to sell in order to get money to feed my kid. I only came to the hospital with John hoping to receive free care because he was very sick; when they said to me that it is a private hospital and that I have to pay, I thought about going back home because I have no money. 
” Thankfully, John’s father does not have to take his son home. With $1,500 in funding, PM explains, “Treatment will consist of a thoracic drainage by surgical intervention.” First, the pus will be drained from John’s lung. Second, John will be given antibiotics to treat the infection. Finally, he will rejoin his family and resume his healthy life. “This surgery will save John’s life,” PM shares. Let’s fund this life-saving treatment and allow John to live a normal childhood—without pain and respiratory distress.

Fully funded