Andrew's Story

Andrew joined Watsi on November 25th, 2014. Three years ago, Andrew joined our Universal Fund, supporting life-changing treatments for a new Watsi patient every month. Andrew's most recent donation supported Daw Khin, a 64-year-old woman from Burma, to fund blood vessel surgery near the heart.


Andrew has funded healthcare for 51 patients in 11 countries.

Patients funded by Andrew

Thaw is a two-year-old boy from Burma. He lives with his parents and elder sister in Zee Kone Village, but his family migrated to Thailand four months ago to seek better job opportunities. His father works as an agricultural day labourer, while his mother is a homemaker. Thaw’s elder brother and sister take turns working as agricultural day labourers. Thaw’s mother carefully manages their income, and their combined family income is enough to cover their daily basic expenses. Thaw receives free healthcare services at Mae Tao Clinic (MTC). On 2 July 2021, Thaw was born through emergency caesarean section. His mother noticed on the following day, while cleaning Thaw’s body, that he was born with a worrying condition that makes it challenging to go to the bathroom. Thaw’s mother immediately informed the doctor, who then referred Thaw to hospital in Ayeyarwady Division. Unfortunately, due to a lack of facilities, he did not receive the necessary treatment at this hospital. He was subsequently recommended to go to Yangon Hospital. However, due to financial limitations, Thaw’s mother could not afford to take him to Yangon Hospital, leading her to cease efforts to seek Thaw’s treatment. Fortunately, Thaw was able to defecate through a fistula however Thaw began to experience troubling symptoms, including at present, Thaw is passing stool through the fistula, experiencing constipation with bowel movements occurring every four or five days, with a distended abdomen. Thaw has been diagnosed with imperforate anus with fistula and his doctors recommend a colostomy. A colostomy is a surgery that creates an opening for the colon through the abdomen. Our medical partner, Burma Children Medical Fund, is requesting $1500 to fund Thaw's surgery at Mae Sot General Hospital scheduled January 31st. Once completed, this procedure will hopefully alleviate him symptoms. Thaw’s mother expressed her concerns saying, “I want my son to have a healthy, long life. I was always worried about him, and he couldn’t receive treatment due to lack of money. Now, with the help of BCMF and donors, he can undergo surgery. Thank you."

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Meet Cynthia, a shy and reserved girl who lives in Elgeyo Marakwet County, Kenya. She is the sixth child among eight siblings. Currently, she attends nursery school at a nearby primary school. Cynthia's parents are small-scale farmers, primarily cultivating maize and beans for their family to eat. They used to have a mango farm, which provided them with additional income, however, their mangoes were destroyed when an unknown person set fire to the farm. To make ends meet, Cynthia's parents sometimes work as casual laborers to earn a modest income for their children, all of whom attend primary school. One afternoon, Cynthia was involved in a motorbike accident while returning from school, resulting in an injury to her left thigh. She received initial treatment and pain relief before being referred to a larger medical facility. Upon assessment, an x-ray revealed that Cynthia had a displaced fracture of the femur shaft. Her left leg appeared shortened, and she experienced significant pain, particularly when the limb was moved. She has been under observation and skin traction at the medical facility for approximately a month now. A recent x-ray showed that while there was some callus formation, the fracture remained displaced. The surgeon with our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare (AMH) recommended surgery as the best option to ensure proper healing and avoid a lifelong discrepancy in limb length. The surgical procedure, an open reduction and internal fixation, is scheduled for August 2nd. This intervention will aid in Cynthia's healing process and restore her ability to use her limb normally. We are fortunate that surgeons with our medical partner, AMH, can provide the necessary assistance. To support Cynthia's surgery and her journey to recovery, AMH is seeking $1145 in funding to cover her treatment costs. Your contribution will make a significant impact on Cynthia's life, granting her the opportunity to heal properly and lead a better life. Cynthia’s mother says, “When I heard that a motorbike hit my daughter, I was worried. I lost a child recently, so I am still recovering, and the unexpected happens again. I cried a lot, but now that she is safe, I am grateful to God. Please help her undergo surgery so that she can grow and walk well.”

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Federensi is a 63-year-old small-scale farmer from Uganda. Her husband works as a farmer as well, and they primarily grow green vegetables that they sell to support their family. Their oldest child is now 43 years old, and their youngest is 18 years old and performing well in school. For 18 years, Federensi has been experiencing abdominal pains. The pains began after she underwent a C-section for her ninth pregnancy. Initially, she thought that her pain would gradually fade away over time. Upon seeking medical advice at a nearby health clinic, Doctors informed Federensi that her numerous deliveries may have been the primary trigger for her abdominal pain. They cautioned her against engaging in strenuous activities and provided her with medication. Unfortunately, the recommendation and the medication failed to relieve her pain. Federensi's abdominal pains have worsened. Now, she cannot lift heavy loads and has stopped farming due to pain. After seeking medical care again, Federensi was diagnosed with endometrial hyperplasia, a condition that impacts the uterine lining. Doctors recommended she undergo a hysterectomy, a procedure in which surgeons will remove her uterus. Fortunately, our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare (AMH), can help. On June 13th, Federensi will undergo gynecological surgery at AMH's care center. Now, AMH is requesting $319 to fund Federensi's surgery. Once recovered, Federensi will be able to resume her daily activities free of pain. Federensi says, “My productivity has been affected negatively and I can no longer take good care of my family. I pray for a successful surgery to be able to continue with farming after recovery.”

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