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Nyiramukyo is a 66-year-old woman from Uganda. Nyiramukyo delivered all her eight children in her village without medical attention. After delivering her fourth child, her uterus came out. She was given herbal medicine, which she believes, pushed it back in its position. The same thing happened when she delivered her fifth child. However, nothing happened when she delivered the last three children. The uterus came out again four years ago. Nyiramukyo has been visiting basic health units and using herbs because of lack of money to go to a hospital. The medicine she has been receiving has not helped her at all. Now, the uterus is all out and it has ulcers. Nyiramukyo also has lower abdominal pain; cannot walk well; cannot dig; generally, she is unable to do any straining task because it makes the uterus protrude out more. If not treated, Nyiramukyo will get septic and she may pass away due to septicemia. Nyiramukyo was brought to Virika Hospital by a previous Watsi patient. Nyiramukyo is a widow and a mother of four living children; the other four children have passed on. She lives with her little grandchild and she doesn’t have any source of income. Kind people provide her with food and her grandchild cooks it for her. Nyiramukyo is in pain and worried about her condition. After surgery, she hopes to recover and resume digging to produce for herself and stop relying on other people. For $280, Nyiramukyo will undergo a transvaginal hysterectomy. Surgery will ensure that she has an improved quality of life, and she will be free from the pain and risk of septicemia. Nyiramukyo will be able to dig and provide for herself. “I am glad to hear that I can get help for my condition," she shared. "I have lived in pain and with a very uncomfortable condition."

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