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Isaias is a three-month-old baby born with a cardiac condition called patent ductus arteriosus. This means hole in his heart, which normally closes naturally in an infant’s first days of life, instead remained open. Blood leaks through this hole without passing through the lungs to obtain oxygen, leaving Isaias sickly and unable to gain weight. Isaias lives with his parents in the Dominican Republic, and he is their first child. His father is a motorcycle messenger, and his mother stays at home to look after him. Although Isaias is not Haitian, our medical partner, Haiti Cardiac Alliance, is collaborating with their partners in the Dominican Republic to offer treatment to Dominican children. He will undergo cardiac surgery at our medical partner's care center. During surgery, the hole will be closed by inserting a catheter into his heart, which will then patch it with a small device. First, Isaias will undergo a full cardiac assessment on February 16. This assessment will include physical exams, labs, and an overnight stay at the hospital. Haiti Cardiac Alliance is requesting $1,500 to fund these procedures. Funding for Isaias also covers the cost of medications and social support for him and him family. Gift of Life International is contributing $7,000 to cover additional costs associated with Isaias's surgical care. His mother says,"I have been very worried about Isaias ever since he was a newborn and I could see that he was not healthy. I am praying for a good result from this surgery."

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