Meso is a modern technology platform for health insurance administration.

Member enrollment application and membership card.

How it works

The Meso platform is a suite of mobile and web applications that manage enrollment, identification, claims submission, claims processing, and reporting.



An administrator uses our application to enroll a new member. The application collects personal data and issues an identification card that the member will present to access services.



When the member visits a health facility, an administrator uses our application to identify that member and confirm eligibility for services.


Claims submission

An administrator uses our application to record the member's diagnosis and all labs, drugs and services that the member receives. These are compiled and submitted as a claim to the insurance provider.


Claims processing

Once the claim is submitted, an administrator uses our web application to review the claim and determine how much to reimburse the facility.



At any point, an administrator can use our web application to view reports on enrollment, utilization, claims, and more. This data aids system-wide analysis and informs improvements.


Meso helps health insurance partners increase efficiency and streamline administration.

Reduce cost

Increases partners' operational efficiency by automating tasks and surfacing data to reduce waste and fraud.

Increase quality

Leverages advanced data analytics to continually improve the system for patients and providers.

Improve experience

Streamlines health insurance administration to save time and improve experience for members, provider, and administrators.

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