Watsi Coverage

Building technology to provide community-based health coverage.

Jacob enrolled in Watsi Coverage and can now access healthcare at his local clinic.

The problem

More than 400M people lack access to essential health services, and up to 40% of healthcare funding is wasted due to inefficient systems.

How our technology helps


Efficient enrollment

Our platform enables us to efficiently enroll members in Watsi Coverage. Once enrolled, members can access healthcare at the clinic whenever they need.


Streamlined visits

Clinic staff use our platform to identify members when they visit the clinic and log data on the health services they receive.


Continuous improvement

We use real-time data to continuously improve the system by reducing costs and improving the quality of care.

Watsi Coverage in Uganda

We're developing this system in Rwibaale, Uganda in collaboration with the community, clinic, government, and local partners.

Program indicators

Since March 1, 2017
Members enrolled
Enrollment rate
Cost per member
$0.78per month
Clinic visits

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Jacob showing his Watsi Coverage card during his first visit to the clinic.