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Luzi is a 73-year-old wife and mother of four girls and three boys who lives in Uganda. Her children are all married and taking care of their own families. To earn money for her household, she grows food and sells the surplus. A month ago, Luzi developed a swelling in her left breast that continues to increase in size. She went to a clinic, where she was given painkillers, but they were not of any help. She resorted to using herbs, but they did not help either. Luzi came to our medical partner's care center, Holy Family Virika Hospital, where she was diagnosed with a fibroadenoma and was advised to have surgery to excise the mass. Without treatment, the mass is likely to continue growing and causing her pain and discomfort. A fibroadenoma is a benign, solid breast tumor that most commonly occurs in women between the ages of 15 and 35. While the cause of fibroadenomas is unknown, hormones are likely contributors given their prevalence during women's reproductive years. Most women with fibroadenomas are not at an increased risk of developing breast cancer. Initially, Luzi was very concerned that she might lose her breast. "I am afraid for my life," she shared. However, after she learned that the surgeon will remove the mass only, she was relieved. Luzi will undergo surgery to excise the mass from her breast on January 18. She needs help to raise $196 to pay for three nights in the hospital, lab tests, a biopsy, and medicine to reduce her pain and prevent infection. After surgery, Luzi hopes to continue working in her gardens and taking care of her husband. Let's help make that happen!

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