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We've had some great times and we've been pretty lucky. Lucky to go to Princeton, and lucky to graduate without being expelled for an alcohol violation. Lucky to travel the world, and lucky to not have any outstanding arrest warrants (that we know of) in any of those jurisdictions. From New Jersey to Europe to Vegas to New York to India to Austin to California we've done some amazing things, most of which I can't recount on the internet for legal reasons.

You might be here because you love your friends. You might be here because you want to give back to the world which has been so amazing to us. And you might be here because I asked you.

Whatever the motivation, I've created this group for us to help fund life-changing healthcare for people around the world. It will be a great centralized place to track our giving over the years. I'm excited to see what happens next.


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Su is 10-year-old girl who lives in Thailand. Both of her parents work for a community based organization helping others in their area. In her free time, Su likes to draw pictures and play with her friends. Su was born with clubfeet and a dislocated hip. She received corrective surgery in Chiang Mai with the help of our medical partner BCMF after she was born. During her last visit to the hospital when she was young, the doctor told her mother that they only had to return to the hospital when she outgrew her clubfeet correction shoes. However, her parents could never bring her back. In additional to financial constraints, their legal documents expired, and later when they had legal documents, they could not go to Chiang Mai due to covid-19 travel restrictions. In June 2022, Su started to experience pain in her right foot whenever she walked more than 10 minutes. She also experienced pain in her right hip for the first time when she walked. The doctor at Mae Sot Hospital diagnosed her with a dislocated hip and referred her to the larger hospital Chiang Mai for further treatment. In October an MRI was performed for Su and it was determined that she may need two surgeries: one for hrt hip and another for her clubfeet condition. The first surgery is for a hip replacement and the doctor scheduled her for surgery on November 25th so she can be out of pain as quickly as possible. Her family needs $1500 for her hip replacement surgery. Su's father said, "I am hopeful for my daughter to receive surgery soon. After surgery, I hope that she will be able to walk like other children and she will not be shy when she grows up. Now, when she goes to school, some of her friends tease her that she cannot walk properly like other children."

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