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Katherine's Birthday

For my 30th birthday, I'm asking for donations to help those in need of medical care around the world.

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I'd like to use my birthday as a way to help people who do not have access to the standard of care we are fortunate to have in the US.


All patients Katherine's Birthday has funded


Vincent is a 44-year-old man who lives with his wife and three children—ages two through eight—in a two-room rental house in Kenya. He used to work as a city council guard—commonly called council askaris—before he broke his right lower leg in a road accident in May 2007. After the accident, Vincent underwent a plating surgery to treat his broken leg. Five years later, he noted an area of swelling on his right leg. He sought medical attention for the swelling and learned that it was a cancerous tumor. Vincent started radiotherapy sessions in March 2013 at Kenyatta National Hospital. In 2015, after receiving a total of 24 radiotherapy sessions for his leg, Vincent came to Kijabe hospital with a wound on his right leg. Doctors performed an incisional biopsy and determined that Vincent has a wound ulcer that requires a skin graft and debridement. If not treated, Vincent is at risk of a severe infection, which may result in amputation of his leg. Vincent has not been able to work since the accident in 2007. House rent and other household expenses are met by his wife, who sells vegetables at a small green grocery. Given the family's financial situation, Vincent is unable to raise the amount of money needed for the treatment. $940 pays for the surgery that Vincent needs as well as 14 days of hospital care, including meals, pain medicine, antibiotics, and lab tests. Vincent's family and friends are contributing $156 to cover additional costs associated with his care. “I want to be treated and be able to provide for my family," shares Vincent. "My medical journey has been long, and I want to be able to start helping my family as I used to do."

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25-year-old Kristine has a happy and outgoing personality. She lives in the Philippines with her mother, and she is loved by her family and fellow church members. She also loves to sing and dance with the other children in their church and community. If the church has an activity, she eagerly offers herself to help with any chores in the activity area. Kristine was born with congenital clubfoot, a condition that impacts her gait. Our medical partner, International Care Ministries (ICM), explains: "Kristine has difficulty in walking because of her left foot deformity. She also has seizure disorder but it is currently managed with medication. Her mother said that she was frequently teased by her classmates when she was still in elementary school because of the way she walked. Since then, she has not joined school; and everyday, she wishes that she could go back even in her age." Treatment for Kristine will cost $1,211, and consists of a surgery to correct her deformity give her a balanced gait, as well as boost her self esteem. It will also fulfill her wishes to go back to school if time and situation permits. Kristine's family was unable to have Kristine undergo surgery earlier because of lack of finances. At their pre-operative interview with ICM, Kristine's mother shared: "I really hope that my child can get treatment. We want to see her well and live normally, but we could not make it happen. She even stopped schooling to avoid bullies because we don't want to see her have emotional pains. We are praying that there could be someone that could help her."

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Mayda, a 10-year-old girl from Guatemala, is the fourth of seven children. "Mayda's father works as a farm hand, harvesting coffee on their neighbor's plantation," our medical partner, Wuqu’ Kawoq (WK), tells us. “Mayda’s mother cooks, cleans, takes care of the children, and helps harvest coffee.” Two years ago, Mayda underwent successful surgery for a heart murmur, which was funded by Watsi. Recently, she was also diagnosed with epilepsy. Mayda was doing well until last December. "She came home one day from school with a note from the school nurse saying that she had a seizure that lasted several minutes,” WK explains. “She had lost consciousness and did not remember anything. Since then she has had two more seizures at home." Because of these seizures and the resulting symptoms, Mayda has been unable to attend school. With $967, Mayda can receive the medical care and anticonvulsant medications that she requires for a healthier life. She will receive a brain MRI and other diagnostic workup for preliminary testing. She will also receive anti-epileptic medication to control her spastic episodes and to improve her mobility and independence. With treatment, “Mayda will gain control of her body,” WK continues. “This will increase her quality of life and put her on track to receive the education she deserves and live a healthy and productive life.” "We want her to grow well and be healthy,” Mayda’s parents share. “She has already been through so much with her surgery and now her seizures. We just want her to get better."

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