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We’ve had an awesome 2015 at! Everyone has worked hard to improve the product and help our customers be successful. We doubled our team and increased our Ami flock. Watsi has had an amazing year — and we’re proud to count them as a customer, helping advance their mission to crowdfund life-changing healthcare for people all over the world.

For the holidays, we want to celebrate your great work by supporting Watsi's.

Through our holiday giving campaign, you’ll be able to choose a patient to support and we can track the team’s collective impact here on this page. 100% of our donation will fund healthcare for patients in need, and we’ll get an update on the people we supported together!

How to participate:

1. Join this team
2. Head to to redeem your gift card and choose a patient to support!

Happy holidays and happy new year, from!


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Dennis is a very shy and quiet boy from Kenya. Dennis was born with anal rectal malformation, where he lacked an anal opening. This caused trouble to his parents as he could not pass stool for an entire week when he was born. He had a colostomy created and was required to proceed with subsequent surgeries of the anal opening and colostomy closure. However, for the last 17 years, he has survived with the colostomy. His parents were not able to raise the funds needed for his surgeries. His area chief recently forced Dennis's parents to bring him to Bethany Kids Kijabe after much suffering. At Bethany Kids Kijabe, he was diagnosed and surgery recommended. He needs to undergo a series of procedures to eliminate bowel dysfunction. However, the family is still struggling financially. Dennis is the firstborn child in his family. Due to his condition, he has never been to school, being passed by all his 6 siblings who are schooling. Dennis is quite shy and prefers to be alone due to his condition. Successful surgery will allow Dennis to resume a relatively normal life like any other child and perhaps start schooling. His father is a security guard while his mother sells vegetables in their village.The family appeals for help. Dennis is scheduled to undergo surgery to correct his condition on October 22nd. Our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation, is requesting $1,327 to cover the total cost of Dennis's procedure and care. “If only I knew, I would have come here early. I feel like I have wasted his life,” says Dennis's father with regret.

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