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For the past eight years, Cheru has suffered from mitral stenosis, a condition that severely narrows his heart’s mitral valve and backs up blood into his lungs. He used to sell goods at the Gurage market in Ethiopia, but his weakening heart forced him to quit his job. If left untreated, Cheru’s condition could result in heart failure.

Fortunately, Cheru’s condition is treatable. However, he needs to fly to India to receive a Percutaneous Transvenous Mitral Commissurotomy (a nonsurgical technique for the treatment of patients with symptomatic mitral stenosis).

A Bollywood aficionado and avid Manchester United fan, Cheru is usually in good spirits and tries his best to cheer up other heart patients. Still, it is bittersweet for Cheru to see his healthy friends get married and start families: He wants to start a family of his own, but he now spends most days laying in bed. And since he’s had to spend his life savings on medical bills, he’s worried that he won’t have enough money to support a family.

Cheru hopes we will be able to raise the money for his treatment in India. He can’t wait to return to his job at the market and one day, start a family. Let’s get Cheru the treatment he needs to thrive!

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