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Photo of Satya post-operation

Satya received surgery to treat rheumatic heart disease.

Our Nepalese medical partner writes, “The patient has no difficulty breathing or walking now. She has been sleeping well, which she couldn’t earlier.”

“Now I can actually feed my child,” Satya says, “do his washing, and play with him, so that is a great feeling.”

Satya is a woman from Nepal who, at the young age of 24, is experiencing symptoms of heart failure. She has rheumatic heart disease, and lately it’s gotten so bad that she has difficulty walking and breathing. She can’t sleep lying down on her back – she has to sit and put her head down on the bed or else fluid will build up in her lungs because her heart can’t pump effectively. Satya desperately needs surgery to treat her condition. With treatment, there is a good chance she will be able to live a normal life.

Satya lives with her husband and her 4-year-old son. Her husband does his best to take care of the family, but because of Satya’s condition he has been unable to look for a job outside the home. He cannot imagine how he would pay for Satya’s medical care.

We need to raise the money Satya needs to have surgery and go back to living her life. She says that if she ever gets better she wants to start farming with her husband for a living, and we think she deserves that opportunity. Let’s do this!

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