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Neera is a 24-year-old woman from Achham, Nepal who has suffered from seizures since she was a child, but never had access to medicine that could control them. Four years ago, she had a seizure while she was cooking and suffered severe burns.

Neera was married, but she is now a widow (a position that in Nepal often carries major social stigma and discrimination). Her mother died when she was young and her father remarried, but she does not have a good relationship with her stepmother or siblings. No one has come to visit her during her three month long stay at the hospital.

Since arriving at Nyaya Health, Neera has been treated for her seizure disorder, which is now under control, but she is in serious need of skin grafting to treat her burns. Neera’s surgery costs $975. The average per capita income in Achham is $1 per day and Neera has no financial support. She cannot afford to pay for the medical treatment she needs.

Neera loves to sing, and often gathers other patients in the clinic and sings to them. Let’s get this sweet songbird the medical care she deserves!

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