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Nak is the matriarch of a close-knit family consisting of six members. Widowed after the death of her husband, she lives with her oldest daughter, who works in a clothing factory, her son-in-law, and their children. She has a grandson in grade eight, a granddaughter in grade four, and a lively four-year-old who stays home with Nak. Since retiring from farming, Nak has taken responsibility for cooking and cleaning. Nak's health poses significant challenges. Diagnosed with diabetes six years ago, she battles the effects of a persistent wound on her left toe. There was an unfortunate incident with a penetrating injury from a thorn, which went untreated for a long time. She was referred to our medical partner, Children's Surgical Centre, for diagnosis and treatment. Doctors have diagnosed her with dry gangrene. The blood supply to her toe has been cut off due to her diabetes, and the toe has become dry and turned black. Nak is in pain and feels poorly. Although her diabetes is under control, she is weak and must use a wheelchair. Surgery is necessary to prevent the gangrene from spreading and to allow the surrounding healthy tissue to heal. To address the issue and avoid further pain, an amputation of her toe is proposed. Doctors plan to take her to surgery on January 2nd. Now her family needs help with the cost of her surgery and her care. Our medical partner is requesting $479. This will cover the procedure, post-operative hospitalization, medications, and physical therapy. Nak's daughter said: "After surgery, we hope she can walk easier with no pain, and no infection."

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Ange Signoline is a 42-year-old woman from Burundi. She is currently at our medical partner's care center, AIC Kijabe Hospital in Kenya, where she is seeking medical treatment for an internal ear infection affecting both ears. Ange Signoline's first visit to AIC Kijabe Hospital was in September 2023, when the hospital was recommended by a friend who lives in Nairobi, Kenya. She received treatment at the time, but the infection has recurred and she has recently been straining to pick voices. She came back to hospital where an otoscopy was done, and she was diagnosed with chronic sclerosing otitis externa - her ears are infected, there is a narrowing of the canal on the distal end, and there is also some pooling of fluid on the constricted segments. A surgical procedure has been scheduled for Ange Signoline, that will widen the ear canal and reconstruct the ear with a skin graft. The goal is a safe, ear infection-free state. However, Ange Signoline is unable to afford the surgery, having exhausted all the support she has received from friends. Her husband does not hold a stable job. She is worried about traveling back home to Burundi without receiving the care that she needs, and is requesting for treatment support. Our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare, is helping Ange Signoline receive treatment. On April 19th, surgeons at AIC Kijabe will perform an otologic surgery to treat her condition. Now, Ange Sogline needs help to fund this $621 procedure. Ange Signoline says, "I came all the way from Burundi to seek care for my blocked ear canal. Please help me receive treatment so I can prevent hearing loss.”

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