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Paw is a 59-year-old woman who lives with her husband, son, daughter-in-law and two granddaughters in a refugee camp. In her free time, Paw like to feed her three chickens and sing gospel songs. She also loves looking after her granddaughters at home when their mother is teaching. On a late evening earlier this month, Paw was walking home in the rain when she slipped and fell on the muddy road. She accidentally hit her forehead against a tree stump and tried to break her fall by sticking out her right arm. Right after she fell, Paw experienced a sharp pain in her right arm and forehead. Her son and daughter-in-law brought her to the camp hospital, where Paw was given stitches for her forehead as well as pain medication, and her arm was put in a splint and a sling. The medic then referred her to another hospital, where she was finally admitted at two days later when a car became available to take her. At the hospital, Paw received a X-Ray and was told that her right wrist is broken and requires surgery. With her hand wrapped in a bandage, she was referred to our medical partner's care center, Chiang Mai Hospital, for further treatment. Currently, Paw cannot move her right wrist, not even to lift her hand. Without more pain medication, her hand and forearm experience severe pain with any movement, so Paw has to be careful to keep her right hand straight. Because of this, Paw cannot complete her daily chores nor look after her grandchildren. Fortunately, with the help of our medical partner, Burma Children Medical Fund, Paw will undergo surgery to reset her fractured bones and ensure proper healing. The procedure is scheduled for July 23rd and will cost $1,500. This surgery will help Paw move her hand around and resume her daily activities again with ease. “I want to get well soon so that I can go back to taking care of my grandchildren,” Paw said. “They are waiting for me at home to go back to my daily life. Now, I have to come for my treatment and there's nobody look after them. It is hard for my daughter in-law.”

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Komugisha is a small business woman from Uganda. She is a 41-year-old mother of three children, and she lives with them in a single-room rental house. After separation from her husband, Komugisha assumed the role as the sole breadwinner of her family. To earn a living, she trades in dry cereals to pay for the fees and expenses for her children, but faces difficulty when farming harvests are not productive. Six years ago, Komugisha began to experience troubling symptoms, including anterior neck swelling, difficulty breathing, and persistent pain. She was diagnosed with nodular goitre, or an enlarged thyroid gland. Initially, she had visited a different facility which gave her an oral medication, but her condition did not improve. Komugisha was also advised to undergo surgery, but she opted to use local herbs as medicine due to the costs. In the end, Komugisha was referred by a friend to our medical partner's care center, Nyakibale Hospital, where she had a scan diagnosing the goitre, and doctors suggest surgery to prevent worsening symptoms. Our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation (AMHF), is helping Komugisha receive treatment. She is scheduled to undergo a thyroidectomy on June 22nd at our medical partner's care center, where surgeons will remove all or part of her thyroid gland. This procedure will cost $252. Komugisha shared, “I can no longer walk for longer distances yet my job requires much walking to look for the cereals. My children are still in need of daily upkeep. Please help me."

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