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Beatrice is a friendly, outspoken, and determined woman from Uganda. She separated from her husband fifteen years ago, leaving her to care for their two sons and one daughter. Her elder son is a teacher, her daughter is a nurse operating a small medicine shop, and her younger son is in school and just finished senior year six. Growing up, Beatrice wished to become a teacher, but she had to leave school early. Despite this setback, Beatrice has worked hard to provide an education for her children from the modest income she makes from running a small retail shop. She also engages in farming to supplement her income. Over six years ago, Beatrice began to experience troubling symptoms, including an anterior neck swelling. She reports feeling that her neck veins are always paralyzed, experiencing pain when swallowing, having shortness of breath, and difficulty breathing when sleeping. As her symptoms became too severe to manage, she sought help at our medical partner’s care center. The doctors had her undergo a thyroid test and diagnosed her condition as a giant goiter. The thyroid is the gland located in front of your neck and produces thyroid hormones. These hormones are responsible for metabolism, growth, and other bodily functions. Beatrice needs surgery to prevent her symptoms from getting worse. Our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare (AMH), is helping Beatrice receive treatment. On April 9th, she will undergo a thyroidectomy, during which the surgeon will remove all or part of her thyroid gland. AMH is requesting $252 to fund this procedure. Beatrice said, “I am hopeful for a successful surgery, and I will continue with my business in good health after I have recovered.”

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