Lynn Cavill
Lynn's Story

Lynn joined Watsi on August 28th, 2013. 7 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Lynn's most recent donation traveled 8,200 miles to support Florence, a 38-year-old house helper from Uganda, to fund a hysterectomy.


Lynn has funded healthcare for 36 patients in 8 countries.

All patients funded by Lynn

Tusingwire is a 53-year-old woman and a mother of three children. Two of her children have gotten married after completing school, while her youngest child is still in school. Together with her husband, Tusingwire cultivates a small piece of land to make ends meet. A vast part of their land has so far been sold to pay fees for their children. They have to work very hard in order to meet family demands, and struggle to also pay medical fees. For a year now, Tusingwire has been experiencing lower abdominal and back pains and other challenging symptoms. She has been diagnosed with multiple uterine fibroids. The condition gives her restless nights and makes her feel fatigued easily. The bleeding also worries her as it might cause anaemia. Tusingwire has tried managing her condition with medication, to no avail. At one of the facilities, she had surgery recommended and was contemplating selling her only piece of land to raise the amount required for surgery. However, she was fortunately referred to our medical partner's care center Nyakibale Hospital, where she met our Watsi partner team. Our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare Foundation, is requesting $219 to fund Tusingwire's surgery. On June 9th, she will undergo gynecological surgery at our medical partner's care center. Once recovered, Tusingwire will be able to resume her daily activities free of pain. Tusingwire shared, “I humbly beg that you help me undergo the surgery since I can’t afford the cost. I hope to recover well afterwards and continue with farming so as to educate my little daughter at least up to senior four.”

Fully funded

Kenganzi is a mother of three from western Uganda. Her children all attend school. Currently, she works on her banana plantation, while her husband works as a bodaboda moto driver earning a limited income to support their family. For the past four years, Kenganzi has unknowingly struggled with an ovarian cyst. Initially, she began to feel a palpable mass on her right lower abdominal section. Kenganzi also experienced pain when lying on her right side, and whenever she strained during farming, she would feel it more severely. This significantly affected her productivity on the farm. As the pain became more severe, Kenganzi decided to come to our Medical Partner's Care Center Nyakibale Hospital for review. Doctors had her undergo a pelvic scan, and the results showed that she had an ovarian cyst requiring a cystectomy surgery to remove it. However, Kenganzi and her family are not able to afford the cost of this procedure and appeal for financial support. Kenganzi will be receiving assistance from our medical partner, African Mission Healthcare. Fortunately, she is scheduled to undergo a cystectomy on April 23rd. African Mission Healthcare is requesting $220 to cover the total cost of her procedure and care. Once recovered, she will be free of pain and will be able to return to farming on the plantation. Kenganzi shared, "My desire is to get the surgery to correct my condition. With full recovery, I will be more productive on the farm to help raise our three children with better quality of life."

Fully funded