Justin Sayarath
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Justin joined Watsi on August 19th, 2015. 8 other people also joined Watsi on that day! Justin's most recent donation supported Dharma, a six-year-old boy from Nepal, for surgery to repair a hernia.


Justin has funded healthcare for 11 patients in 7 countries.

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Sela is an eight-month-old baby girl from Cambodia. Sela is living with syndactyly--she has webbed fingers and an extra digit on her left hand. Due to these abnormalities, it has been very difficult for Stela to use her hand. Thus, she and her mother traveled three hours to seek the help of our medical partner, Children’s Surgical Centre (CSC). Under normal conditions, the webbing dissolves, leaving five independent digits on every extremity. With syndactyly, on the other hand, the degradation of the tissue between fingers or toes is left incomplete during gestation and, in a few cases, like Sela’s, the webbing also covers an extra digit wedged in between. This specific situation, known as “polysyndactyly,” is a very rare occurrence, but when treated early in life it does not present lasting complications. However, if left unaddressed, Sela will lose significant functionality in her left hand. For $321, Sela will undergo a syndactyly repair, which will include a release to separate her fingers and a procedure to remove her extra digit. She will have also receive a skin graft to help heal her remaining digits. The funds will also cover supplies, inpatient care for ten days, and follow up visits for up to one year after the procedure. Because of the skin graft, this operation can be slightly more complicated than other surgeries, but CSC’s medical team says that the benefits of surgery (releasing Sela’s digits and allowing her to live a comfortable life) outweigh the minor risks. Sela’s parents are grateful and eager to have her surgery done. “I hope my daughter will have a normal hand like other people after surgery,” shares Sela’s mother.

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Meet Petronila, a one-year-old girl from Guatemala who is just learning to speak! “Petronila’s favorite toy is a little doll given to her by her cousin,” says our medical partner, Wuqu’ Kawoq (WK). Petronila is the youngest of five children and lives with her mother, two brothers and two sisters. After experiencing constant illness, Petronila’s mother brought her to WK’s medical clinic. Physicians at WK confirmed that Petronila has acute pediatric malnutrition, stating, “Petronila is malnourished and has intermittent diarrhea, fever and a sore throat.” Acute malnutrition results from a nutritional imbalance--the body does not consume as many essential nutrients as it needs to be healthy. A healthy diet is extremely important in early childhood development and malnourishment can contribute to stunted physical and mental growth. The condition also weakens the immune system--often causing a variety of other illnesses. WK explains, “even when Petronila is not sick, her appetite is low.” Petronila’s family is very supportive--WK says, “her older brother cares for and plays with Petronila while her mother works out of the home or at home weaving blouses.” However, the modest income that her mother earns is not enough to cover the cost of Petronila’s treatment. With $535, Petronila will undergo a three-month program to treat her acute malnutrition. With this treatment, Petronila will receive a 90-day supply of nutrient-rich food supplements, which will gradually introduce essential nutrients into her diet. By improving her diet slowly, her body can safely adjust to the changes. As her immune system is currently weak, Petronila will also receive deworming medication to protect her against infection during her treatment. With the fourth-highest rate of malnutrition in the world, WK states, “this condition is common in Guatemala.” Therefore, as part of Petronila’s total cost of treatment, her mother will receive an intensive education on nutrition from a certified nutritionist. As WK says, “this education will not only improve Petronila’s health, but also the health of her siblings.” “Over time, Petronila will recoup the height and weight she has lost and will begin to develop normally,” WK comments. Additionally, “her immune system will strengthen,” therefore allowing Petronila to restore her overall health. “Thank God you found me and want to help my child,” shares Petronila’s mother. “My wish is that she is healthy and free of malnutrition!”

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