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Nairorie is one of 19,495 patients whose healthcare has been funded by Watsi Crowdfunding donors.

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How it works

Patient seeks care

Nairorie's mother brings her to one of our medical partners. Nairorie's mother cannot afford to pay for the care her daughter needs.

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Patient learns about Watsi

Nairorie and her mother learn about Watsi Crowdfunding from a member of our medical partner's staff, who asks if they would like to share their story with the world.

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Medical partner submits patient to Watsi

Nairorie’s profile is submitted to us. After we review and approve the case, the medical partner may begin providing care before Nairorie's profile is posted or funded.

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Donors fund patient care

We post the profile for donors to begin funding Nairorie's care. 100% of donations fund care.

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Donors receive patient updates

The medical partner submits a post-treatment update on Nairorie, and we send it to her donors. We transfer the funds raised to the medical partner to cover the cost of her care.

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Watsi Crowdfunding has supported patients from 25 countries


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100% of your donation funds life-changing surgery.

32 Watsi Crowdfunding donors funded Anibal's life-saving surgery.