Three years ago, we launched Watsi to
make healthcare a reality for everyone

In 2015, we started seeing double. Here's how it happened.

7,827 donors chipped in

In 2015, 7,827 donors contributed $1.67 million

That's double the donations from FY2014, and an average of $4,583 donated per day.

Donor Spotlight

Some went the distance.

Haley, Lizzy, and their pet rat, Beef, set off on a 48-state cross-country bike tour. Six months and 9,217 miles later, they raised $4,229 in donations to fund healthcare for 45 patients.

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They spanned generations

The majority of donors were under 34.

Donor Spotlight

Meet Lucas and Helena, the youngest donors of 2015

The five and seven-year-old siblings funded Sainder, a one-year old boy in Haiti born with cleft palate. Several months after donating to fund his treatment, Lucas and Helena still ask about Sainder by name. "I'm glad he has a healthy smile, like me," Lucas said.

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They came from all over the world

Donors from over 100 countries funded healthcare in 2015.

Their donations traveled an average of 6,540 miles

That's the distance of 18,835,200 stethoscopes laid end-to-end.

Furthest Donation Traveled
12,217 miles
Jason in Peru
Sina in Cambodia
Jul 11, 2015
Shortest Donation Traveled
352 miles
Amornsak in Thailand
Teav in Cambodia
Mar 19, 2015
10 medical partners cared for patients

In 2015, 10 medical partners provided treatment for patients

From Port-au-Prince to Phnom Penh, our partners operated across the world.

Medical Partner Spotlight

Meet Dr. Aaradhana, Nepal's first female orthopedic surgeon

Dr. Aaradhana treated hundreds of Watsi patients in Nepal in 2015. Before she started working with our medical partner there, patients in need of orthopedic care had to travel 36 hours to Kathmandu for treatment. Now, they receive specialized treatment from Dr. Aaradhana, the country's only female orthopedic surgeon, right in their community. "It's a breath of fresh air to see we're not just providing access to healthcare," she said, "We're providing access to quality healthcare."

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They used Watsi to fill the funding gaps in their healthcare systems

On average, they requested $603 to provide healthcare for each patient.

Children's Surgical Centre
909 patients treated
African Mission Healthcare F.
684 patients treated
213 patients treated
Wuqu’ Kawoq
191 patients treated
Burma Children Medical Fund
153 patients treated
Project Medishare
93 patients treated
The Kellermann Foundation
35 patients treated
Hope for West Africa
2 patients treated

They provided end-to-end care

Often, they provided healthcare that went above and beyond treatment.

When patients don't have access to healthcare, medical partners request funding from Watsi to provide treatment.
When patients can't make it to the hospital, medical partners work to provide transportation for the patients or go to them.
Food & Lodging
When patients need to stay for extended periods of treatment, medical partners strive to provide food and lodging.

Medical Partner Spotlight

Meet Magaly and Georgina, medical partner staff who go above and beyond

Magaly and Georgina are care coordinators from our medical partner in Guatemala. They walk for hours every day through Guatemala's hillsides to treat patients at home when they can't make it to the hospital. "What happens if someone isn't home?" we asked them. "Regresamos al día siguiente," Georgina says. "We come back the next day."

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2,392 patients beat the odds

In 2015, 2,392 patients received care

That's double the patients from FY2014, and an average of 7 Watsi patients per day.

They spanned generations

The majority of patients were under 18 years old.

Patient Spotlight

Meet Kevin, the youngest patient of 2015

Kevin is an only child from Kenya's Rift Valley. At two days old, he received treatment for severe head swelling thanks to a Watsi donor. "Words cannot express my gratitude to your organization," says Kevin's mother.

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They were treated for over 200 conditions

The top 10 most common conditions range from cataracts to heart defects.

Spina Bifida
High-Risk Pregnancy
Heart Defects

Patient Spotlight

Meet Johnny, a cardiac patient from Haiti

Johnny is a 30-year-old engineering student. Thanks to Watsi donors, he received life-saving heart surgery after living with heart disease since he was 12. "Everyone has treated me like their own family," Johnny said after surgery, "I am very grateful."

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2015 was our biggest year yet

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